Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm going to have to change my reading schedule a bit again.  Or rather, my listening to audiobooks during my commute.  Almost exactly halfway through Clive Cussler's Raise the Titanic I came across a disc that is skipping too badly to listen to.

I'm going to take it back, inform the librarians, and--maybe--get it back.  Or maybe not.  Too bad; I was actually rather liking it.  And it's the book that put Cussler on the map.

Instead, I've got a few other audiobooks on file.  Our library's collection of sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks isn't very good, but we do have a so-called House of Night series, a YA paranormal mystery/fantasy whatever.  I'll try it out.  It might be a darker, vampire themed Harry Potter, or it might be a Twilight ripoff.  I guess I don't know until I try...

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