Friday, January 06, 2012

New WAR artbook announced

I've found Wayne Anthony Reynolds (WAR) a thoroughly polite and delightful man on the very scant occasions that I've had to communicate with him (an email or two, chatting for just a moment at his table at GenCon a few years ago.)  In addition to being modest and friendly, he's also one of the most prolific artists in the roleplaying community these days, and he's kinda evolved into becoming the face of post Second Edition D&D and D&D like games, with art that is very prevalent throughout the entire D&D product line, especially the Eberron campaign setting, the Freeport line, the Pathfinder line, and more besides (he's also done work for Black Library--I've got some interesting skaven plates in my Loathsome Ratmen book.)  And as the face of post 2e D&D... well, he's a kind of polarizing figure. While there's no denying that his work is quite popular, it's also miffed a lot of folks who prefer a more traditionalist approach to their D&D art.

I happen to be one of the folks who quite likes WAR pieces, and I've grabbed plenty of books before for no other reason than because they have WAR covers, quite honestly.  Last time I emailed him, which was over a year ago now, he mentioned that he was in talks with some folks about coming out with an artbook of his art, which would be nice because his website isn't updated very frequently anymore, he's also started putting much more low resolution versions of the pictures that it does have, and in general, I see a lot of his work on books that I can't find a decent online version of for my art files anymore.

Luckily, that wasn't just idle talk: I just saw this announcement literally today (although it's probably been around for some time and I just missed it.)  Anyway, I'm quite excited!

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