Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It looks like I'm reading more than I can handle, but in reality, things aren't so bad.  I just added Susan Hill's The Woman in Black to my What I'm Reading list there to the side, but in reality, I'm listening to it as an audiobook as I commute.  I'm also reading Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick, and I'm in the midst of the Eisenhorn omnibus by Dan Abnett--although I just finished the second novel within the omnibus, so it's a good "rest stop" while I consume some other stuff that I got from the library.

Sadly, I was prevailed upon by my stupid curiosity to pick up the first book of the Prince of Nothing series, which is in itself, a subseries of the greater Second Apocalypse series.  Again; since I picked it up from the library, I'll have to proceed with it fairly quickly, and give it priority over books that I already own.  That means poor Gregor Eisenhorn will have to wait yet again to get finished, and I won't be reading Nagash, Conan, Solomon Kane, or whatever else it is that I decide is next for at least a few weeks, I wager.

In fact, after reading several weighty novels and sections of series, and whatnot, I actually think that a short story collection is exactly what I'm in the mood for.  As it turns out, I own several short story collections that need reading, including the third (and final) of the Conan collections, the Solomon Kane collection, the Kull collection, the first White Wolf printing of the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series, the complete Lovecraft collection (in four volumes) and a few other sundry collections that I've stumbled across over the recent years as well.  I have an older Years Best Sci-Fi and a modern Cthulhu collection too, at least, that I'm aware of off the top of my head.

While many people really enjoy short story collections, I find that I take them best in smallish doses.  One collection at a time, and then I'm craving the structure and depth of a novel all over again.  We'll see how it goes, though.


Trey said...

You've got quite a catalog to get through, there. It should be fun doing it, though.

Joshua said...

I recently took inventory of books that I've bought but never read--65 was the number I came up with.

Of course, by "never read" what I really mean is that I've never read that copy that I bought... I've of course read almost all of the actual stories within those short story collections at some point in the past.

Still, as you say, I should have plenty of fun going through it all.