Sunday, September 04, 2011

Reading bogs down...

I took inventory again of my current state of books that I own but have not yet read.  I had sixty-five.  SIXTY-FIVE!  Not only am I not making progress, but I'm falling further behind.

I dropped a few library books I had on my On Deck section, because I just wasn't making progress and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by my collection of unread books.  Granted, I count books that I have read before but subsequently bought.  There's maybe as many as twenty of those.  That still leaves me with a LOT to read.

So my Splinter Cell novel: stopped.  My Monster Hunter International novel.  Turned back in.  I did read Dead Iron and it was OK.  I quit on the Eddie LaCrosse novels.  Time to get back to basics, finish Eisenhorn, read a few gaming books, and then jump into the rest of my unread novels and short story collections.

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