Monday, September 26, 2011

Delay on Black Library fiction

I've really been struggling with reading lately.  I've had the Eisenhorn omnibus on my "What I'm Reading" list for months--although I've really only been seriously at it for a few weeks.  I put it on when I started, but was immediately distracted and set it aside for most of that time.

For my "On Deck" list, I had another Black Library series, the Nagash series by Mike Lee coming up.

However, I'm rearranging the schedule again slightly.  A book that I requested that the library buy came in.  I finished up the novel within the Eisenhorn omnibus that I was reading (2 of 3), set it aside again, and now I'm going to read two library books before I pick it back up.  After that... I'm not sure if I'll dive into Nagash right away after all, or if I'll have a look at some of the other stuff in my collection that isn't getting read.  Honestly, I'm kinda in the mood for some quick n dirty short fiction, and I have both some Robert E. Howard and some H. P. Lovecraft on my "To read" list, since I've bought the collections and not yet read them (although I have read many--maybe even most--of the individual stories in the collection in some other format.)

Because of the length of time it's taking me to sort out my reading the last few months, and the amount of blathering I've done about what I'm reading, I'd like to actually do full-fledged reviews of these few books.  One of them, Low Town by Daniel Polansky, is a freshman effort by a new author, which is kinda fun.

And I'll leave you with an image search result I picked up of Eisenhorn, which has really gotten the short end of the stick in my reading efforts lately.  Sadly, it's not well-deserved; I think it's a reasonably good book (or books, technically) that I've struggled to finish for reasons completely unrelated to its quality as a novel.

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