Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dark•Heritage d20 Past version character sheet

There it is.  A customized character sheet for the DARK•HERITAGE, d20 Modern rules variant.

EDIT:  Remembered that the d20 Modern character sheet already assumes everyone is human, so doesn't include a race line.  That's not true for DARK•HERITAGE obviously, so I had to include one.  Lacking an obvious place to put it, I removed the Player line and put it there.  People don't really need to put their own names on their character sheets anyway, do they?  Re-uploaded the file with this correction.

EDIT 2: While statting up one of my iconics, Keisa Alamaswu, just to try it out, I also realized that the Skill Bonus box doesn't total like it should.  I had to go through and manually add the formula.  I haven't re-uploaded that yet, but I will once I'm done.

EDIT 3: For convenience, although the blank template should do this, I labelled one colum of FEATS AND TALENTS Feats and the other Talents, and kept them side by side rather than intermingling them.  Duh.  I did the same with spells and incantations.

EDIT 4: D'oh!  I removed the Wealth box, since I'm not using the d20 Modern Wealth system, but forgot to put a place for regular money to be indicated!  However, I think it's easy enough to just do that as one of the lines on your equipment list--they're plenty already.  In fact, I edited the first line on the equipment list to be a place to hold your wealth information.

EDIT 5: OK, the edited version is up, with all the corrections noted in those edits above.  Also; because the original spreadsheet, which has been on my hard drive for years from some unknown download source long ago had macros, this file asks to enable macros.  It doesn't matter what you pick; I actually removed all the macros.  Now I just need to get rid of that macro message, but I guess my Excel-fu wasn't as strong as I thought it was--I can't figure out how to get that to go away.

EDIT 6: Figured it out.  Modules removed in the VBA editor--no more macro warning.  Re-uploaded.  Again.

Also, some commentary.  It's interesting when you build characters somewhat organically.  While my earlier post on Keisa obviously spelled out how I envisioned her as a character, actually building her mechanically opened up some new dimensions.  Perhaps I should have given her some ranks in Bluff or Diplomacy, but I ended up giving her a feat for that instead of ranks.  And then I had tons of skill points that went into Forgery.  Before I knew it, she had a flyaway Forgery bonus of +18--at 6th level!  While I didn't initially envision her as a forgerer, the more I think about it, the more I actually kinda like that aspect of her.  If I'd never sat down and actually built her as a character, I'd never have "discovered" that about her either.

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