Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Ultimate Spiderman

That's a link to an interview with Brian Michael Bendis. So, the secret's out. The new Ultimate Spider-man has been revealed. And... he's a kid nobody's ever heard of named Miles Morales.

I've gotta say, my interest has really plummeted. Who the heck is Miles Morales, and why should I care about him? See, that's why I liked Miguel O'Hara, and why apparently a lot of folks at Marvel did too. At least there was some tie to the legacy that is Spider-man, instead of just being this all new thing that you have to sell. Which, basically, retreads exactly the same things that Miguel O'Hara as the character would have. Possibly Bendis just has too much ego to do Miguel O'Hara; "No, I'm going to do basically the exact same things as Miguel, but it's going to be my character; an all new guy with an all new name. And because I'm such a rockstar, I'm not worried at all about people signing on."

Bendis is also either ridiculously stupid or ridiculously disingenious in the interview linked above. If you don't want people to think that this whole thing is just a PC Affirmative Action PR stunt, then don't make Miles Morales' ethnic background be the freakin' only thing that you're talking about! Isn't that pretty darn obvious? And Portland is a social Utopia? Please. I've been to Portland. It's a nice enough place, but that's just absurd.

Anyhoo, my interest in Ultimate Spiderman and the relaunch has pretty much completely plummeted through the floor. I'll give it a try... probably... a year or so from now when I can get the collected trade paperback from the library for free. But not before.

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