Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I haven't disappeared! At least not entirely. I've actually had two sessions since my last post. I've also gone much of May unavailable and extremely busy, and June looks like it's going to be a no-show for gaming, at least for me. I simply don't have any weekend evenings available to game.

Frankly, my enthusiasm for the game has dimmed tremendously. It did so before I even started. I'm burned out on a lot of really stressful things that are going on at work, my family life has been extremely busy, and devoting time and energy to things that require a lot of thought was just too difficult for me. My last session, I basically had to punt and adopt a Dungeon Magazine site-based location type map just to have something to run. About the only thing I have time and mental energy to do is watch a few episodes of TV shows, play a few very brainless video-games, and catch up on comic book trade paperbacks from the library. I'm not even picking up the novels I was reading anymore.

So, I think my campaign may wither untimely due to "real world" circumstances. Rise of the Runelords will probably start up again as a substitute, and once it's started, well... it's on and probably will be for at least a few months.

That was really unfortunate; after pining to run for months, when I get my chance, circumstances just don't align favorably and it all comes apart. I'll see what I can do at some point in the future to get DARK•HERITAGE going again sometime, though, in some format or other.

In other news, I just got an email update from the Star Wars Old Republic team that a third cinematic trailer has just been released. Although it's a bit derivative, it's... as expected... also pretty dang sweet.

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