Friday, April 01, 2011

Scheduling woes

Well, at the last minute I'm not going to be running DARK•HERITAGE tonight after all. One guy was already going to be unavailable as of a couple days ago. Suddenly another one had an unexpected commitment pop into his lap that he can't get out of, and another guy is sick! With three players down that would leave me with... two players. A bit on the light side. A bit too much on the light side (I actually prefer 3-4 players ideally, but scheduling games with adults with careers and families means that we can at least 50% of the time count on being one player down--having a pool of five works out great.) Next weekend I'm not available, so that has us looking at the weekend two weeks from now; probably Saturday the 16th. Blegh.

To at least find the silver lining here; I can polish off my plans a bit, and I can polish off the material that I've given the players so far too; make it a little bit more coherent and organized, and give them a bit more of it while I'm at it. And heck; maybe I can bust my hump to get my big poster map finished and painted before then so I can show them where they are while I'm at it. I can actually stat out some of my villains, make better plans for the various encounters, maybe photocopy the pages from the monster books that I need (so I don't have to actually take the books with me--even if it's just coming downstairs at my own house) and otherwise be a bit better prepared than I am now. It also gives me the opportunity to print off some images that will make the session more evocative.

All in all, I'm going to force myself to see this as a positive and come up with an even better session than I otherwise would have when we get together next!

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