Friday, March 25, 2011

Running April 1st

Well, we are definitely going to be doing DARK•HERITAGE, starting one week from today, April 1st. I'm trying to get some player documentation ready to go by the weekend (or over the weekend, more likely) then I need to turn to fleshing out the adventure seed I posted about earlier. Star Wars is taking a back seat, although my personal interest in Star Wars remains relatively high (I'm reading an Old Republic novel, Fatal Alliance, right now, listening to the Star Wars soundtracks in my car as I commute, and got caught up on Season 2 of The Clone Wars and was able to dive into Season 3. The Old Republic MMO is due to release sometime this Spring, is the latest word (so... anytime now, I guess) and the season 3 finale is due to air on The Cartoon Network at the exact same time I'm running my game (I'll DVR it.) And I'm also going through my old pdf copy of The Secret History of Star Wars. But, from a gaming perspective, it'll be a no-show until Matt runs his game at some point down the line, which is a Star Wars game that he ran for another group at some point in the past. His wife, at least, has shown a strong desire to play Star Wars, and since it was one of my suggestions too, it looks like it's gaining traction with the group as a popular alternative. But... not yet. Patience, young padawan. Or something like that.

I'm a little lukewarm to my adventure idea, though. I may yet change my mind and do something totally different. I'm also a little intrigued by the idea of having something kinda sorta like Jedi (well, maybe more like Sith, to be perfectly honest with you) in this setting. I've gone back and forth to having assassins who use the soulknife class, from the Expanded Psionics Handbook, and I'm not thinking that if I'm doing that to get "fantasy Jedi", which I kind of am, then why not use the actual Star Wars Revised Jedi Guardian class after all, with the idea that lightsabers are soulknife blades? The Revised ruleset is the closest to D&D of the three d20 Star Warses, in most respects, and with my houserules, it would dovetail right in already.

Anyway... this won't be a class available to the PCs. At least not yet. But it might be one that I consider. The idea intrigues me.

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