Monday, March 14, 2011

Joanne Peh

Well, here's an interesting little oddity from the Internet. Although I hadn't ever really spent much time looking at them before, I checked out the Stats tab that Blogger offers, and found that my post on the evolution of the police station set of LEGOs is by far my most popular post. I also found that, other than the US of A, where I live, the next biggest contingent of visitors to my blog was from Singapore. Huh? That seemed like an odd thing, and certainly not one that I would have expected.

So, I dived into yet more stats. How were people finding my blog? Turns out that the single largest reference that more people were following than any other site was the personal blog of Singaporan actress Joanne Peh, who seems like a thoroughly lovely young lady, and, hey, she made a blog post extoling the virtues of LEGO's and linked directly to my police station blog post.

Funny the things you learn on the Internet, isn't it?

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