Monday, March 21, 2011

Dark•Heritage news

A brief update on my current local gaming situation, if I may. I've mentioned before that my local gaming group has been playing Rise of the Runelords, but for various reasons, and in order to avoid GM and campaign fatigue, we had discussed a rotational schedule where we play one module of Runelords, and then a module's worth of some other campaign. I also mentioned before that it looked like I was going to be the other guy running, and that naturally DARK•HERITAGE was at the top of my list of campaigns I'd like to run, assuming my players were interested. Because it's my nature, I like to give the players options, though, so I gave a one paragraph summary of DH, a Star Wars game set 1,000 years after Return of the Jedi, and an alternate history in which the Cold War started before World War I because the Great Powers discovered mystical superweapons--partly inspired by the board game Tannhäuser and partly inspired by Charlie Stross's "A Colder War." So far the votes are two for DARK•HERITAGE and one for "present". I've got three votes yet to be cast, but I think they'll range somewhere from "present" to "what the first two guys said."

The reason I bring this up is because in our last Runelords session--this last Saturday--although we didn't quite finish the module that we were in, we did have almost a "TPK"--Total Party Kill. One character managed to cast greater invisibility on herself and made it through the encounter without any problems. Another guy was in negative hit points but was saved at the last minute. The thought was, if almost everyone was going to have to make new characters anyway, why do it for just about a session's worth of module left? So now, suddenly, we're playing my game at our next session. Luckily I've already given some thought as to what I'd like to do, though. I'm actually quite excited! Plus, I'll be able to offer play session updates as a new posting tag as soon as we start. We average one five to six hour session every two weeks.


Joshua said...

Well, no sooner do I say that, when I get a very strong preference from one player for Star Wars. A player who otherwise would probably have sat out this round. Logistically, I have to admit that would be convenient (she's the married half of one of our other players, and because of their toddler, it's been logistically challenging to have both of them play at any venue other than their house--and they're 45 minutes away from me, one way. But I like having her in the game, and I have to admit, I'm pretty motivated for Star Wars too.

Joshua said...

Two votes for Star Wars, two for Dark•Heritage, and one for "present." That leaves one vote yet to be cast.

Joshua said...

Discussion continues via email. It looks like Dark•Heritage is in; Star Wars will wait (and probably be run by another guy in the group when it happens anyway.)