Monday, February 14, 2011

End of (some) book reviews

I just finished reading Paizo's latest setting book, Lost Cities of Golarion. And frankly, especially right on the heels of Stormwrack, I just don't feel motivated to review it. I didn't feel motivated to review Stormwrack either, but I did anyway, out of force of habit.

Especially as I find myself mostly reading (and therefore reviewing) books that are old, often out of print, and where (especially in relation to gaming books I read) I find that my commentary starts to feel repetitive over time, I'm going to quit reviewing books for a time. I might still review something, if I get really excited about having read it--and, in fact, I fully intend on reviewing Barsoom Tales as soon as I'm done with it--but it's not going to be a given that I review everything I read anymore, and in fact, it'll be a given that I review little of what I read. That ship has sailed. It's time has come. It's played out. I'm done.

That said, I'll try to at least keep my little sidebars more or less up to date in terms of what I'm reading so anyone who cares to look can at least glance at the side and see what I'm reading. And I'll comment here and there on what I'm reading too, just for fun.

So, just for the record, I'm not actually picking up a new gaming book for the time being. I'm more than halfway done with Barsoom Tales and am rather still near the beginning of The Bloody Crown of Conan, the second (of three) trade paperback anthologies that gather all of Robert E. Howard's Conan work (this one has the longest works, so there's quite a bit fewer of them.) After that, I have some more Howard and Lovecraft compilations to work on, some Black Library stuff (including Eisenhorn) or maybe the long-deferred sequel to Prisoner of the Horned Helmet to read. I haven't yet decided. I've also recently picked up all of the Dresden Files books in paperback; at least, all of those that are available in paperback, and although I read them not too long ago, seeing them lined up on my bookshelf has been very tempting. And, my oldest son has borrowed Dragons of Autumn Twilight, which has kinda made me want to read those books again too. And the last time I read a Salvatore story, it was better than I thought, which almost makes me want to pick up the original three "Halfling Gem" stories again, for nostalgia's sake.

And after all those... well, I've still got plenty on my "bought but still haven't read yet" list. And a new Dresden Files book comes out in April. So, those are my reading plans, vague as they are.

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