Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Reading ANYTHING

In a sudden and dramatic move, I cleared my docket of books to read, stopped even the books that I was in the middle of, and took everything back to the library.

See, my schedule has been surprisingly and unexpectedly hectic the last few weeks, and having a ton of stuff to read with a due date on it has been--again surprisingly--stressful. I haven't even been able to enjoy reading books that I know I would really like under other circumstances. So, I quit. What's the point if I'm not enjoying them? I'll probably try them again later, in smaller bites--the history book Iron Kingdom was quite fascinating, although I hadn't picked it up in 2-3 weeks. Brent Weeks' debut novel was quite good so far too. But, they'll have to wait until another time. I've got too many books of my own to read too, although at least for the time being, I'm not actually going to pick any of them up. I'm going to take a little breather from my "constantly having at least one, possibly two or three books I'm reading at the same time" schedule. I'll add something back in later when I'm ready.

So; no book reviews for a little while.

EDIT: Well, I'm fickle. Last night and today so far, I've read about two-thirds of the Black Library book Loathsome Ratmen. Since the snOMG! storm will most likely trap me in my house tomorrow, I anticipate that I'll rather easily finish it in short order. Heck, I might finish it tonight, at the rate I'm going. No promises on a book after that, though!

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