Monday, January 10, 2011

Few minor updates

I'm going through a bit of a bad spot in terms of giving up on books. After reading almost exactly a third of C. J. Cherryh's Rusalka, I'm finding that it's a real chore to carry on. To me, the characters are tedious and unlikeable, the plot is plodding and needlessly labored, and the entire effort feels like a short story that was padded unnecessarily out to novel length by repeating the exact same inner monologs and character banter over and over again.

I could have finished it, but because I got a little grasping and had too many things checked out from the library all at once, I decided that rather than labor with a book that I wasn't enjoying, I'd turn it back in and turn to something else. That is, unfortunately, part of the reason that I prefer buying books sometimes; books that I suspect I might struggle with but for whatever reason I decide that I want to slog all the way through anyway is an easier proposition without a due date looming on the horizon.

I haven't decided which of the books on my docket I'm going to read instead, but I'll update this later today or tomorrow once I have.

Also, I've spent a little bit of time setting up a house rule document for the version of Dark•Heritage that I intend to run, this time using a d20 Modern rule set. Although I already have a d20 Modern variation on my house rules wiki, I decided that it was a bit of a clunky document to use. Although it'll take me a few hours to really fill out this new document with everything I need, I expect the effort to be worth it in the end. The new document is right here, and the old wiki-based document is here.

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