Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sword & Sorcery meets Yog-Sothothery yet again

I've already posted a link to Swords Against the Outer Dark, described by its author as "Where Sword & Sorcery Gaming Meets Cthulhiana and Yog-Sothothery." Because that's, in many ways, exactly the vibe I've been gravitating to for some time. Heck, it's been almost ten years now since I've heard Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying described as, "You start off thinking that you're playing Dungeons & Dragons, but before long you realize you're actually playing Call of Cthulhu." I found that notion completely insane in a great way, and my own gaming tastes have been at that intersection ever since (although ironically, I've only ever been passingly curious about Warhammer Fantasy roleplaying itself.)

I just discovered another blog that is also dedicated to that particular vibe, The World of Xoth: Where Cold Iron meets Non-Euclidean Geometry. There's not a lot of content there, really, but it's still encouraging to encounter someone who's working in the same medium, so to speak. In fact, the author of The World of Xoth (who posts under the handle of thulsa, but who appears to actually be named Morten Braten) even uses a d20 variant, which is cool. As an aside, he's also the host of the long-lived Hyborian Age website, which was meant to facilitate the use of d20/D&D with the old Robert E. Howard Hyborian Age setting; the setting of Conan the Barbarian, for those Philistines who didn't already know that.

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