Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I just updated my inventory of books that I own but haven't read yet, and it's a 65 titles. Sigh. Not only am I not making progress, I'm actually getting worse.

I need to stop being such an impulse buyer at the bookstore. And I should give the library a rest for a while until I catch up a little bit.

Granted, I have the odd quirk of listing books that I've read before, but not the copy that I own, i.e., if I buy a book that I've checked out at library before because I like it and would want to read it again, I throw it on the list, because I haven't read that copy yet. So if you count those out, I'm probably somewhere around 40-45 titles. Oddly enough, that means that I have a copy of the three Lord of the Rings books on my list even though I've read that somewhere between 12-15 times. I threw out my old, beat-up copies years ago when my brother gave me his new paperbacks that he had just finished reading. It's been long enough since I've read LotR, that I'm actually starting to psyche myself up to go through it again.

In a completely unrelated bit of news, I've got an organization post in draft state. It's taking me a bit longer to write it than I thought. The organization isn't particularly innovative, it's basically the tiefling version of the Cosa Nostra. But despite it's lack of innovation, I think it's an organization that I'll use extensively in my setting. I'd love to see some other organizations written up that I could "borrow" for my setting too. Sadly, I have about two readers (Hi, Mom and Dad!) so I don't expect anyone to jump in and post any, but on the off-chance someone stumbles across this post, here's my official solicitation. I'd love to see them if you've got 'em.

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