Thursday, December 09, 2010

New books to read...

Sigh. So, I got three books at the library. Two of them came via interlibrary loan, so I've got a limited window in which to read them. I guess some of my other reading will have to hurry and finish up and then other things will have to go on hold. I already called my friend Franz who let me borrow Side Jobs and asked him if I could keep it a bit longer.

Anyway, I got Year's Best Science Fiction 18 which has a novelette called The Colder War about Soviets and Americans (and Nazis) using Great Old Ones as Final Solutions. Sounds fun. That same author actually also wrote two novels about the same premise, and if I like this, I'll give those a try (my library has them both.) I've also got an Indiana Jones novel, which I'm getting just for the heck of it to try it out, and then lastly, I got Rusalka, the first in a fantasy trilogy by C. J. Cherryh that's loosely based on Russian folklore.

In the meantime, I still need to finish Guards of Haven, although I'm in the middle of the third (of three) short novels in the omnibus, and Into the Darklands, the RPG book I'm reading. And then, of course, the Dresden Files short story collection that my patient friend is letting me read.

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