Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wiki updates

I've done some reorganization of my gaming wikis. My "Modular DND Setting Elements" wiki had long been migrating into being more of a traditional setting. While the various modules are still, hopefully, easy to decouple and use a la carte, they are also now stitched together, and I've got a default setting that assumes that they are all integral elements. This development made my Dark•Heritage setting wiki somewhat obsolete, since the Modular setting and the Dark•Heritage settings essentially converged into being the exact same thing.

What I've done, then, is removed most of the houserule discussion, whether for the d20 Modern or the D&D houserule variants, to the old Dark•Heritage wiki, which becomes essentially nothing more than a houserule document. The Modular Setting wiki becomes the more traditional setting wiki.

Just as an FYI, for anyone interested.

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