Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Box office bombs

I recently looked up a list of box office bombs, where financially unsuccessful movies are ranked according to the amount lost, adjusted to the same (2008) CPI inflation rate. Most of these movies are not good movies, but I was surprised to find that out of the top five bombs of all time (Cutthroat Island, The Alamo, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Sahara and The 13th Warrior) I actually enjoy four of them well enough although admitting that they're flawed, two of those four I consider pretty darn good, and of those two, one of them I bought long ago and consider it among my favorite movies (granted, my list of favorite movies is quite long.)

Scrolling further down the list, I find a few other big-time financial bombs that I quite like (notably Treasure Planet and Red Planet) but the ratio of the top five is really quite extraordinary. Do I just have weird, counter-intuitive tastes?

Don't know. Pluto Nash, though. Man, that's terrible.

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Greg Christopher said...

I agree. Aside from Pluto Nash, the rest were good movies. Waterworld also bombed, also a great movie in my opinion (along with The Postman).