Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I just bought the soundtrack to Prince of Persia from Amazon's mp3 download store. This slates nicely with some other soundtracks that I have, that I'll group together as a "vaguely Middle-eastern" in sound, including the Indiana Jones soundtracks, the Mummy soundtracks and Stargate. Granted; the last Mummy soundtrack had a more Chinese rather than Egyptian sound to it, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Temple of Doom also lack the characteristic "Middle Eastern-ness" of the others, but I still think that together, they form an iconic collection of action/adventure scores that can play nicely in the background for most of my games, where I'd want a slightly exotic (but not too much) flair.

I've already grouped some other soundtracks as part of a "Sword & Sorcery" grouping, but the soundtracks for Troy, Gladiator and even the newer Clash of the Titans and 300 would probably fit well in this group too.

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