Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, I have an exciting announcement to make. This weekend I'll be Skyping in with some folks and creating the first Hobocaust---a podcast dedicated to me, The Hobo.

No, actually, it'll be dedicated to gaming. But I'm the organizer and mixer of it, and the folks I've conned into c0-hosting it with me are really A-list material. I think you'll like what they have to say. I've actually known them for some time, but we are widely separated by geography, and are mostly "online" friends.

I've also been involved in a number of "play-by-post" roleplaying games with these guys, and that'll actually be our first topic: Pbp games vs. "regular" face to face games, and then any other evolutions in gaming that could potentially bring together widely separated gamers.

After that, we'll talk about our settings, our games, our characters, and maybe even some in-character interviews, just for fun. I have no idea (yet) how regular this will be, or how long we'll keep it up before we lose interest, but in the meantime, we hope to enjoy the ride.

Let me introduce you to the co-hosts (and of course encourage them to expound further on their resumes in the comments section!)

Corey has been kicking around online RPG hangouts for some time, even winning a contest for setting design on a really long time ago (seriously. Like in 2001 or something like that.) More recently, his claim to fame has been the development of DINO PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, which I fully expect to discuss at length over time. He's also done some other game design here and there, is really freakin' tall, and is from the completely foreign and bizarre land of Canadia.

Christy is a relative newcomer to gaming, not having been one of us old grognards who picked the game up in the seventies or early 80s during the "Olde Days of Ye Dungeons & Dragons" but she hasn't missed a beat since. Her gaming claim to fame is the highly regarded "Halfling Musketeers" saga, a game that has become so popular that Ticketmaster reports that is sells out within a few seconds of tickets going on sale. Seriously, like DINO PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND (which must ALWAYS be written in all capital letters), it's become so popular that it's almost an invitation only event at GenCon and various gamedays where it features.

Brian has absolutely no RPG claims to fame that I know of. However, he's been in two (yes, count them: two) Pbps of mine now, and I can certainly vouch for his ability to play some of the most entertaining characters I've ever seen. In fact, an in-character interview with his character was one of the first suggested topics when I first kicked off the idea of doing a podcast with these folks.

With any luck, we'll also occasionally be able to get my fourth player, Matt, involved, although the logistical difficulties of having him participate regularly are rough, being that he calls in from THE FUTURE (i.e., New Zealand.) Although I'd love to have him, I doubt I can talk him into regular participation based on said logistical difficulties. He brings a lot to the table, though, having an encyclopedia-like knowledge of the rules, a flair for the dramatic and swashbucklerish, his own Musketeer outfit, and a personal connection to Lucy Lawless that I intend to shamelessly exploit.

I've also been in face to face games with Christy, Corey and Matt, and can say without a doubt that they are totally fun people, great gamers, and run some great freakin' games. And some of that magic, I hope, I'll funnel into this podcast which will blow market indicators out of the water.

Sorry, little in-joke there. No, I won't explain it. Trust me; it's funny.

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