Thursday, April 01, 2010


Just a small "twitterish" useless note. If you think to yourself, "hey, you've had those same books on your 'Reading' list for quite a while, what gives?" well... yeah. Sorry 'bout that. I've had an extremely busy time this last week in the evenings and weekends, so I haven't done an awful lot of reading. Plus, I'm reading three books at once, as well as re-reading (undocumented here) some Paizo setting material. I just finished reading the Absalom, Katapesh and Qadira books, and am now smack dab in the middle of the Taldor book, with Cheliax to follow.

Plus, I spent a couple of hours working on my big map project that I mentioned below last night instead of reading. While listening to the Gladiator soundtrack. That was fun. I've actually done more on my big map than I have in smaller draft maps. I'll need to throw together my Baal Ngirsu, Qizmir and Tarush Noptii drafts quick so I have something to go on for those. I've gotten to the point where I'm flying blind, and that's slow.

Anyway, in the meantime, I hope to get The Conquerer's Shadow done fairly quickly so I can get it turned back in before its due. And I'd like to get both of my WIP novels done before Jim Butcher's Changes shows up, and that's only about a week away now.

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