Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Maps again

I've been looking through some of my existing RPG-related maps, mostly just to see how they did things. I'm more looking for stylistic elements I might want to mimic; not really needing the content per se.

I had forgotten that I'd made some high quality laser printer copies, on 11"x17" paper of two separate Eberron campaign setting maps. One of them is the official map in "poster" size; oddly enough not included with the setting (well, technically it was... but not in one piece. All of the smaller regional maps have to be laid out and stitched together.) Prior to WotC providing this on their website, an Eberron fansite guy, with access to Campaign Cartographer, put together his own stitched together map.

The reason I point out these two particular maps is because they are exactly the same in terms of content and layout. It's only the style that sets them apart.

Well, also because Keith Baker had a real gift for names. I love placenames (and character names) from Eberron.



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