Thursday, April 15, 2010

Knowledge (Skill)

Continuing my series on my houserules, here's another one adopted and adapted from the Pathfinder RPG, via that PFSRD and the OGL. Summarized and paraphrased by me for this blog post, rather than actually "published". For the full text, I refer you to the PFSRD.

The Knowledge skill in D&D 3.5 was always a little hairy. d20 Modern set out specific Knowledge skills, and Pathfinder has followed in that vein. I list them all here, with a few comments (mostly the only comments I include are along the lines of "don't use this one; it'll be worthless in my campaigns."

Knowledge (X) where X equals:

• Arcana - As in 3.5. The theory of magic, in particularly, as opposed to Spellcraft, which is about identifying practical effects. Can also be useful in identifying summoned or other extraplanar or magical creatures.
• Dungeoneering - don't take this one. You'll never use it.
• Engineering - includes also architecture, and any vaguely related field.
• Geography - self-explanatory, mostly.
• History - this one too.
• Local - as in 3.5. Great choice for a game that's set in a specific environment with no plans to travel much.
• Nature - the academic study of the natural world. As opposed to the more intuitive, pragmatic approach, which uses the Survival skill.
• Nobility - You can probably skip this one. I'll use a Local, Geography or History in a pinch.
• Planes - Don't bother. I don't plan on making this a substantially extraplanar game.
• Religion - for any check against the obvious subject matter.

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