Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Combat Reactions

Here's another of my houserules. Combat reactions. Credit goes to the Trailblazer crew for this, again. Combat reactions are basically taking the concept of Attacks of Opportunity, and expanding on it.

My version of combat reactions isn't exactly the same as those printed in Trailblazer, but it's pretty close. I left off Trailblazer's Block option, because at the end of the day, it seemed kinda redunant with the Dodge option. Plus, I reworded everything slightly.

Here goes:

Combat Reactions can be taken for each round of combat. Rather than getting one per round, each character has a number of combat reactions equal to his attacks per round, i.e., a character with a Base Attack bonus of +11 would have three Combat reactions. For most Combat Reactions, you must threaten the opponent as per the standard Attack of Opportunity rules.

Combat reactions include the following:

  • Aid Attack: if you announce your intention to aid an attack against an opponent whom you threaten, your ally will gain a +2 to his to-hit roll.
  • Aid Defense: if you announce your intention to aid the defense of an ally from an opponent whom you threaten, your alley will gain a +2 to his AC from that attack.
  • Dodge: if you announce your intention to dodge an opponent's attack, you gain a dodge bonus equal to ½ of your Base Attack Bonus (rounded down) against that one attack.
  • Attack of Opportunity: you may take an attack of opportunity against an opponent who provokes one.

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