Monday, April 19, 2010

Character sheets

Although I'm rather specifically not doing the Pathfinder Roleplaying game per se, it occurs to me that the changes that I borrow from there (skill list, CMB/CMD) make any character sheet derived to be compatible with the PFRPG will also be 100% compatible with my game. And, it so happens that there are at least two free character sheets available at Paizo's website. The first is available in the Community Use package, and is the same character sheet that comes packaged with the RPG. The second is a Simple Character Sheet and is available through the store... although it's a free pdf download.

Anyway, I find that handy. I wasn't really in the mood to attempt to create or modify character sheet just for my game.

The only main houserules that isn't specifically addressed is the Defense bonus to Armor class (you'll have to put that under Misc. modifier, or some other box) and the Action Points. However, my Action Point rules are based more on tokens handed out each session, so they shouldn't show up on the character sheet anyway.

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