Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to read next?

Actually, the next three books are fairly easily decided for me: I've got two more Skaith books to read, The Hounds of Skaith, which I've already started, and Reavers of Skaith. By that time, my copy of Changes, the next Dresden Files book, should be processed at the library and ready for me to pick up.

But what after that?

I think I've narrowed it down to one of the following three options

Guards of Haven, the next omnibus edition of books 4-6 of the Hawk & Fisher series. It'd be nice to finish that one off.

Drowning City, a new book by a new author in a new series. It looked interesting. I'm a bit of an impulse buyer at bookstores, what can I say?

Eisenhorn, the omnibus edition of Dan Abnett's Inquisitor novels, which are consistently held out as the best shared world fiction by a lot of folks.

Any comments?

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Badelaire said...

Once you read Eisenhorn, read the Ravenor omnibus. You won't be disappointed. Two completely different writing styles, essentially one long storyline, and six novels worth of Epic level awesomeness. I consider those two trilogies the best of the best Warhammer 40K / Black Library fiction, and two of my favorite sci-fi works (since I lump each omnibus together as it's own "work") of all time. I actually re-read both series' over the holidays.

One of my friends really digs the Hawk & Fisher novels, so I might have to read 'em at some point - that omnibus is being read right now, apparently.