Monday, March 08, 2010

Modular D&D Setting

You may notice, over there on the side where I've got some links, a bunch of wikis related to fantasy settings. Mostly for gaming. Most of these wikis are dreadfully incomplete; in fact, many of them have practically no content whatsoever. I created them in a fit of creative zeal, and then never came back to them to populate them with anything of value. I kept the links here, as much as for any other reason, so I can remember where they are when I finally (if I finally) get around to doing anything with them.

That said, at least one of my sites there is moving along at a relatively steady pace. The Modular Fantasy Setting wiki is one that's designed to have "plug and play" elements, kingdoms, languages, a pantheon of deities to worship, and a consistent set of houserules that I like and could feel comfortable applying to any game I run.

So far, I've only got a few of the modules complete: the house rules, the languages, the pantheon, the races, and the ascendent hobgoblin khaganate of Kurushat.

Coming soon (or well, at least sometime, if not necessarily soon) is the "vampire kingdom" Tarush Noptii, as well as other kingdoms with various racial heritages: the human dominated, fading Terrassan Empire, which will feel a bit like a late era Roman Empire, the hellkin (tiefling) ruled Baal Ta Netjer and the djinn (fire genasi) ruled Qizmir.

This isn't meant to be a complete setting in and of itself, even when it's complete. These are meant to be plug in modules. That said, I am giving some thought to at least one configuration of the modules where they are laid out next to each other in a semblance of an actual setting. I don't know that I'll post that there, or not yet, though. In fact, I might even just buy a posterboard, draw and paint the map, and keep it handy for my own use.

Anyway, just a heads-up. I'm quite happy with the (admittedly, still rather sparse) content that's there right now.

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