Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Conquerer's Shadow

Keen-eyed observers may have noted the arrival of an unexpected book on my "what I'm reading" sidebar. This is a new book by a guy that--while I don't really know him, I know of him, and have communicated with him in various online venues over quite some time--Ari Marmell.

It just got released, and on a whim I asked my library to buy a copy of it. It just got processed yesterday, and I saw it sitting there waiting for me to pick up while I was turning in some other stuff.

So, surprise! A new addition to the list. It won't really change my immediate plans overly, however. I'll still read it, The Reavers of Skaith, and Changes (as soon as that's available), and whatever else I decide to read in there will still follow as planned.

Right now I'm leaning towards The Drowning City.

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