Monday, January 04, 2010

Some stuff...

Well, I had to take the Northwest Smith book off my reading list. I didn't get around to reading more than a few stories, because of extended family being in town, and then it was due at the library, and I couldn't renew it because it was an interlibrary loan. So, I took it back mostly unread. Sad.

Anyway, I'm moving fowards with more Jim Butcher, another new Pathfinder Chronicles book, and then I'm back to reading my own backlog of books I own, including finishing up the Hawk & Fisher stuff.

Also... I just signed up for Facebook yesterday. However, I logged off and when I tried to log back on, there was some weird error and it created a new account with the same email address. So, I have this blank new account I can access, and my original account which I can't access, even though I keep getting emails all the time that there's activity on it; friend requests confirmed, and stuff like that.

Really frustrating.

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