Monday, December 07, 2009

What is Freeport?

From Patrick O'Duffy, one of the main writers of the book on Freeport:

"What is Freeport? It’s a place of grubby action and desperate adventure, where the supernatural is real but not easily controlled, where crime and greed have more sway than curses and spells, where pirates may be more dangerous than monsters, and where you live on rum and sea biscuits, not waybread and nectar. It’s horror. It’s fantasy. It’s high adventure. It’s low comedy. It’s piracy and black magic and sunken cities and mad alchemists and thievery and evil cults and political corruption and gang warfare and suspicious lumps in your fish pie.

It’s the City of Adventure. No lie."

My local gaming has dried up, at least for the time being. I'm jonesin' for a game. So, I'm going to start another Pbp, with a dependable crew that gives me the types of games I love. And I'm going to set it in Freeport. My own Freeport, but I'm not going to deviate too much from the one written by O'Duffy, Schwalb, Pramas, and the rest of the Green Ronin crew. Because, frankly, those guys are pretty bright. No need to mess with success.

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