Monday, October 26, 2009

Small update

Keen-eyed blogsters may note that I've removed both the "What I'm Running" and "What I'm Playing" icons over there on the side. Scroll down. Just under the three "What I'm Reading" icons. Remember those?

Anyway, it seemed apropos. I finished my Pbp game months ago. My kids game hasn't happened in months. Our Cthulhu campaign is on hold indefinately, and is likely to be something else when we get back into the swing of things anyway.

Gaming has reached a local nadir. It's sad, really, how our local group, which was once very healthy and vibrant, and most importantly, had a good solid group with lots of players, has shrunk to only three people who more or less consistently have time available to game. Two others are temporarily unavailable (but will probably be back again... sometime. Hopefully sooner rather than later) and two others just aren't at a place in their personal lives where they can consistently count on being available. Three others have moved away out of state.

*Sigh* In any case, I figured why leave those up as legacy icons when I'm not actually in the midst of those games anymore? When we really start back again, it almost certainly won't be those games, and not only that, who knows when that will happen anyway?

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