Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a quick FYI...

I'm not moving as quickly through E. E. Knight's Tale of the Thunderbolt as I'd hoped. When I'm done with it, I'm going to stop reading (temporarily) the Vampire Earth series, because I've got some other stuff on hold from the library that I expect to arrive any day now. First off is Joe Abercrombie's Best Served Cold but I've also got the first two books of Julian May's Saga of the Pliocene Exile from Interlibrary Loan.

I better read those while I've got'em, because it could be difficult to get them again for some time. After that, before I check anything else out from the library, I want to read some of the books I own but still haven't yet read.

Then I can pick back up with the Vampire Earth and Dresden Files books that need to be read.

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