Thursday, September 03, 2009

Half-mage classes

I wonder if my idea of chopping D&D magic using classes in half and using them as if they were d20 Modern Advanced Classes isn't a mistake after all; why not just use the d20 Modern advanced classes exactly as is? There'd be a number of very minor changes needed, but not really any moreso than would be needed for the Wizard anyway (using the Mage as an example; I could do the same with the Acolyte/Cleric).

To whit:
  • I'd need to do some scrubbing of the skill list and the required skill levels to enter into the class. My preference for skill lists is now the Trailblazer skill list that consolidated six skills into three, eliminated two others, and introduced Linguistics to replace all the bizarre Speak Language skills. Note that Concentration is one that got eliminated, to be replaced by a spellcaster level check. That only simplifies the Mage somewhat, so it's OK.
  • It has a d6 hit die instead of d4. That's OK.
  • It has a faster progression of spell abilities (the Wizard basically comes with none; the Mage has bonus feats twice as frequently, and also gives several class features here and there that are the equivalent of Metamagic feats.
  • I already prefer using Action Points and Defense bonuses, so those can just be used as is instead of me having to manually add them back in for this class.
  • Reputation is superfluous, so I can just ignore that.

So, it would be a better choice for a character who wanted to play a spellcaster, but not so much so that it jeopardizes my intent vis-à-vis flavor.

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