Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Update

Just as an aside, in spite of my better judgement, I picked up four new novels today, two of which are actually omnibus editions with three component novels each. For a total of... eight novels, really.


So, my list of books that I own but still haven't read continues to grow at, at least, more or less the same pace at which I'm reading them. Because of this, I've vowed that I won't buy anything else until I've read at least five books off my list. With the exception of the upcoming Cheliax book from Paizo, because that's little and doesn't really count. I've also vowed to not check out any more books from the library for the same time period. And, I've vowed to step up my efforts to finish Deadhouse Gates, which I've been plodding through for much of the summer, without making tons of progress.

So, the books I picked up were Amanda Downum's Drowning City, Mike Lee's Nagash the Sorcerer, Steven Savile's Vampire Wars and Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn. So, three of the four are game fiction books, from the Black Library imprint. I probably should have thought that through better... game fiction tends to be pretty mediocre. Although Black Library game fiction tends to be above average, at least.

What I believe I will read, once I finish Deadhouse Gates is the sequel to Warrior of Llarn, called Thief of Llarn, and which I should have read some time ago, Swords of Haven, the first omnibus of Hawk and Fisher novels by Simon Green, and then possibly the three Leigh Brackett Skaith books. I hesitate to project too far beyond that.

In gaming related books, I'm actually closing in on everything I've got; after finishing Sandstorm and Qadira, I started reading Weapons of Legacy and I've only got a few unread titles left in my collection.


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