Thursday, August 27, 2009

New books to investigate

I really don't need any additional new books, but I spent my "lunch" hour today browsing the fantasy section at Barnes & Noble looking for potential new titles to read. The following all caught my eye. Most are the first novels in a larger series.
  • Amanda Downum Drowning City of the Necromancer Chronicles
  • E. E. Knight Way of the Wolf of the Vampire Earth series
  • Dan Abnett Horus Rising of the Horus Heresy series
  • Mike Lee Nagash the Sorcerer
  • T.A. Pratt Blood Engines of the Marla Mason series
  • Kat Richardson Greywalker of the Greywalker series
  • Lisa Shearin Magic Lost, Trouble Found of the Raine Benares series

If anyone has any experience with any of the titles above, let me know. I'm mostly going off how good the cover art was (did it catch my eye in the first place) and how intriguing a subsequent read of the back cover was. The Warhammer novels, on the other hand, I got because I was interested in them for other reasons; notably, that I'm a fan of the settings.


Joshua said...

Crap! I forgot about the stupid flowers for bullet points that this template gives me.

Joshua said...

Heh. I've replaced the little flowers with a tiny skull and crossbones.

Actually, a tiny skull and crossed swords. Much better, right?