Friday, August 07, 2009

Hawk and Fisher

I was puttering around Amazon, when my recent re-encounter with drnuncheon's Freeport Story Hour reminded me to check out Hawk and Fisher. drnuncheon himself considers them to be a significant influence on the scenario (at the very least, the paradigm of a male/female team of Watch members patrolling the worst beat in a thoroughly corrupt fantasy city was cribbed from those novels, which is a great take on Freeport, by the way.) A number of months ago, I had picked up Swords in Haven at Borders, which is the first three Hawk and Fisher novels republished and repackaged in a single volume by ROC Trade Publishing, a division of Penguin that focuses on the fantastic.

I haven't read it yet, because I've got a very long list of "To Read" books that I own. I'm barely crawling through the two books that are currently works in progress as it is, what with the summer schedule and all.

However, I saw the second volume (Guards of Haven), collecting the original books four through six, for $.03 on Amazon, via a used book seller. In Like New condition. (By the way, S&H was $3.99. Total bill, $4.02. I've bought a fair number of books where the price itself was essentially nothing, but the S&H was twice or more what actual shipping would be. I suppose it's a decent way to offload catalog of used books. Shrug.) So I ordered it. I'm also going to shortlist the first Hawk and Fisher book to read immediately after I finish the Steven Erikson doorstop novel that I'm reading now.


The Evil DM said...

It's a nice quick read. I really enjoyed all the Hawk and Fisher stories. His characters are very..."cool" would be the best word. If you are into gaming RPG's you will want to take a few tips on characterization from him. Damn, now you made me want to read a Hawk and Fisher story.

and don't forget his book. Down among the dead men. His take on a dungeon crawl.

Joshua said...

Down Among the Dead, huh? Thanks for the tip. I'm not a huge fan of dungeoncrawls, but a well-written account of one could be a fun experiment, at least.