Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Game fiction

I've reviewed a few D&D novels in the past, including a bunch of mediocre Eberron novels. A few of these books are OK, many are absolutely terrible.

However, I think the Black Library imprint, associated with Games Workshop, does a better job than most at putting out readable fantasy fiction based on their games. Enough so that they're collecting some of their earlier successful book series in Omnibus format. Although I didn't actually buy any of them (yet) I fast-tracked Matthias Thulman, Witch Hunter, Vampire Wars: The Von Carstein Trilogy, and The Vampire Genevieve as ones I probably want to buy.

I also saw some of the Del Rey Robert E. Howard collections that I don't have. Although I haven't yet read all of the ones I do have (the three Conan and the Kull volumes). They didn't have Solomon Kane, which I would really have liked, but they did have Howard's horror stories, which is probably my next choice anyway.

Part of the reason I didn't buy them is because my list of books that I already own but haven't yet read is already quite lengthy---easily 30-40 books long, and several of those are also omnibus collections with three novels in them. But, I have no doubt, I'll be unable to resist for long and will eventually give in and pick up at least one of those four listed above---one of the three Warhammer omnibuses, or the REH horror stories (or Solomon Kane) book. I guess that's five. I can't count this morning.

Any recommendations from amongst them?

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