Friday, August 14, 2009

Dark Sun for 2010

Although I'm not a 4e player, I have to admit that I'm kinda excited about the recent announcement, coming out from GenCon, that Dark Sun is going to be the new setting for 2010. I might even buy it, even without having the game itself!

I don't actually know that much about Dark Sun really, but the concept intrigues me greatly. Perhaps not surprisingly; when I start describing my favorite homebrew setting ever, Dark•Heritage, I very often get told by folks that it sounds like Dark Sun. Since I never knew much about Dark Sun, if that's really true, then it's a rather exciting convergence. In the original "Campaign Classics" issue of Dragon magazine, the authors interviewed the original setting developers, and the Dark Sun guys said that Dark Sun used Barsoom as a basis for the setting, rather than Middle-earth. That probably explains the similarity; a fairly dried out, tired world full of alien creatures.

Of course, that also could imply that my setting and Dark Sun only superficially resemble each other at a high level. That's probably true. In any case, I'm excited to see what Dark Sun is really and truly all about. So far, most of what I know about it I learned on Wikipedia.

Also; that appears to be Wayne Reynolds artwork for the cover. I love Wayne Reynolds.

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