Thursday, July 30, 2009

Modular D&D Setting

A while ago, I started a wiki specifically to contain modular fantasy setting elements that I found I was re-using frequently in any D&D (or other) fantasy game that I ran. The first one I attacked was the hobgoblin empire that I used to use frequently, but I also have a pantheon page, a linguistics and language page, and others. Coming soon is a vampire kingdom, based on an idea on the Wizards website that accompanied their Open Grave release.

Anyway, it's far from complete, but there is enough content on the wiki that I feel comfortable officially "opening it up for business" so to speak, as the rest of the content gradually starts filling in.

The "crown jewel" of the wiki---so far, anyway---is a reasonably complete module on a hobgoblin empire. Just a few more pages to post, and a map, and you've got a kingdom all set and ready to run.

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