Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog templates

Well, I've done a small amount of customization of the blog template, but not being fluent in CSS, I've been reluctant to make too many major changes. Normally I look at my blog from one of two computers, both of which are set at the same resolution, so it never occurred to me that this was a problem. Right now, I'm looking at it on a third computer and... my blog is really narrow, just sitting in the middle of the screen with gigantic brick margins on either side.

I tried to play around with some of the settings in the CSS template, but I wasn't getting exactly what I wanted (I shrunk the brick margins by effectively expanding the brown background behind the posts, but the posts themselves, and parchment-like background image that they're on didn't expand to match, so that looked really dumb.

Anyway, I'll probably keep playing around with it... but has anyone else already converted the pixel parameters into percentage parameters and can tell me which lines of the template I need to make sure and do?

If so, thanks!

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