Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ray Winninger's Dungeoncraft

Anyone remember that old series of Ray Winninger Dungeoncraft articles that were in Dragon Magazine the last two years or so of Second Edition?

I mean, I don't really, because I wasn't doing D&D in those years, but the Dragon Magazine website used to have them archived as online articles that anyone could come by and read. I grabbed them, cut and pasted the text into a Word document and kept them, which is good because not too long after that, the articles were pulled down.

Anyway, they've been archived in other places as plain text, and I highly recomment checking them out. Ray's GMing methodology is a very good fit for my personality and style, and I found that without codifying and putting it into words the way he did, I was doing things very similarly. His advice helped me really hone that style of GMing down to a much finer art.

That's where you can find them now. Have fun with it! I bring this up because a thought occured to me not long ago, that I'll probably post on the Scratch Factory blog later, about some of my own "Rules of Dungeoncraft." And I was reminded that I hadn't read Ray's columns in a couple of years at least. It's good enough advice that it should probably be re-read once every few years as a refresher. I find the same holds true for the GMing advice in the d20 Call of Cthulhu book, which is the best chapter of that variety that I've seen anywhere.

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