Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scent of Shadows

Well, I wasn't very fair when I said that Scent of Shadows starts off feeling like Twilight. Not exactly unfair either, but it didn't continue. I mean, sure, there was plenty of feminine emotional self-discovery, complete with lots of tears and whatnot, but all in all this is not another Twilight. Instead, it's an unusual take on the superhero genre. Or maybe a blending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and superheroes, more like. The setting intrigued me. It wasn't something too unusual or innovative, but just enough to be interesting. The characters were a bit overdone, but not too much. A little melodrama never hurt anyone. The plot of the book was rather transparently lifted from the first Matrix movie.

Despite these complaints and/or very hedged and guarded praises, it should be noted that I picked it up yesterday evening while Spencer was at Scouts (about 7:00 PM) and I kept reading nearly straight through until 3:15 AM and the book was finished. Which, in spite of any other problems, is pretty high praise at the end of the day. I've gotten pickier about books I read over the years; if a book can make me do that, and then turn around and have me wondering if I can swing by Borders or Barnes & Noble the next day to pick up the sequel... well, that's a very good thing.

A lot of potential here. It'll never be great literature, but I had fun with it.

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