Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dave Arneson, RIP

Well, with the recent passing of Gary Gygax followed so soon by the passing of Dungeons & Dragons co-creater Dave Arneson... that's a bizarre twist of irony there. Arneson was a much less public face to D&D, and exactly what his involvement was (vs. Gygax's) is still somewhat mysterious. And now probably will be forever.

RIP, Dave! You'll be missed.

In other news, the new Jim Butcher Dresden Files novel is out. I had my local public library buy it and I had the first hold on it. I just got an email this morning that it's done cataloging and is ready to pick up. So... after diverting away from all the books I have to read for all those Black Company books, now I'm going to continue the diversion and read this. Poor Black Arrow. I do promise that I will finish you someday. Soon.

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