Monday, February 02, 2009

Update (D&D)

I'm almost done with Secrets of Sarlona, in fact, it's likely that I'll finish reading it if I take a break from work at some point to go to my car and read it. I've only got 20-25 pages left, and with illustrations and everything, that's really only 15-20 pages of text at most. Maybe not even that.

So; for game-related reading, I've got Libris Mortis, Weapons of Legacy, Monster Manual V, Expanded Psionic Handbook, Complete Psionic and Guide to Absalom to read. I'll probably start with the last of those listed. I'm also trying to re-read Monsternomicon II, but I got sidetracked. And I may yet pick up another book or two also.

In the meantime, I'm still camping on Force Unleashed and Prisoner of the Horned Helmet as novels that I'm taking forever to read. I actually think my plan is to finish Sarlona and then finish one (or both) of those novels before picking up another gamebook. It's getting a bit ridiculous how long I've been camped on those novels. Given that I have so many novels on deck still to read, I need to start making some more significant progress.

I also got the Shelley Mazzanoble book from Interlibrary Loan; the Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress; billed as the girlie-girl's guide to Dungeons & Dragons from a girly girl (in her thirties, but still) who took a regular corporate type job at Wizards of the Coast, got introduced to D&D naturally while working there, and had it become a real, significant hobby for her. I thought it was cute, but clearly I wasn't the target market for the book. The description of D&D was too simplistic to be useful to me, and I'm not sufficiently girly to get the rest of the book for the entire run of it: about halfway through I decided I'd seen enough to have had the experience and I could comfortably quit knowing I wasn't missing much that I still needed.

Still, I recommend it as a fun read, and for female gamers who can probably relate to it more, it's probably even better.

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