Friday, February 27, 2009

Black Company

I still don't have any pictures handy, so I'll wait on posting that update.

I did, however, finish reading The White Rose and now I'm already ploughing ahead into my three-in-one book of The Books of the South. Specifically, I'm now more than halfway through Shadow Games, which the omnibus edition puts first (they put the two actual books of the South together in order, but then have The Silver Spike tacked on at the end. In publication order, it came out the same year as Shadow Games and before I bought this omnibus, it was actually my intention to read The Silver Spike first and then start the real books of the south. Since The Silver Spike is kinda a spin-off, I suppose it doesn't really matter too much, though.)

Anyway. Fun stuff. I have really warmed up to Croaker as a narrator. I know he doesn't narrate all of the remaining books, but I've kinda come to like him after all. It was a bit of a struggle; I do like my third person with more description, but Croaker's got an interesting personality that really shows through in the narration.

The the storylines; epic sorcerers, who with absolute power find themselves absolutely corrupted (so far, pretty much completely without exception) in an otherwise somewhat rather mundane world is exactly my vibe. I really like it.

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