Thursday, January 29, 2009


Player characters are funny things. Franz, for example, makes characters that are consistently overpowered and "broken." Yet, somehow, he manages to have his character die about three or four times more than the rest of us. Combined. We've more or less decided that his powergamer tendencies are necessary as a handicap.

Recently some similar shenanigans led to some funny moments in my Pbp game. Ricardo, the unrelenting Don Juan of the group, went and got himself killed. Totally unnecessarily. However, the Mist Demon Lady (it would be nice if someone would figure out her name so I don't have to refer to her by nickname all the time) didn't really want Ricardo dead, so she brought him back. Sadly for Ricardo, she stuck his soul in the body of one of the amazon girls that they knew. That kinda takes his concept and totally turns it on its head.

Lash, another rather notoriously broadly played character ;), decided that he would ignore the warning to get out of the way as she brought his soul back. He got caught in the backlash and his soul ended up in a gorilla's body.

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barsoomcore said...

"Got HIMSELF killed"?

I like that.

Cough, sputter.

And "broadly played"? I'll have you know Ovi and I are creating sophisticated character portrayals that render honest, brutal emotions and illustrate compelling character dilemmas. We're SERIOUS artists, you know.

How big would you say "Ricky's" breasts are now?