Monday, May 19, 2008


In addition to the movies that I saw over the weekend, I checked the DVR and was suprised to find that I had six episodes of Supernatural saved up through the season finale, which aired last Thursday. This post will have a few major spoilers.

Even more suprising than the number that racked up without me paying attention was the fact that I actually managed to watch all six of them this weekend. I was a little surprised by the "sudden" rise of Lilith as a major villain—kinda outta the blue for me, although maybe watching them in closer succession on DVD later that'll prove not to be the case. Old yellow-eyes seemed much more developed and entrenched whereas Lilith's rise seems like a flash in the pan comparatively.

A few other suprises; Bela down like a chump, Ruby apparently down off camera and Dean dead with his soul in Hell. The hint that Sam's psychic powers weren't really gone, just dormant, on the other hand doesn't surprise me at all.

Its always a bummer when they end a season on a cliffhanger, but I daresay the writers know what they're doing with that. Its a good move, no matter how much I may not like it. In my case, I wasn't likely to drop out of watching this show, though. Its my favorite show on TV and I haven't missed a single episode. Heck; I've bought seasons One and Two on DVD already. I have no doubt I'll do the same with Season Three and almost certainly beyond as well.

I don't yet know if I prefer the first season with its urban legends and ghost stories or the more demonic focused subsequent seasons; I do know that the episode with the "crocuta" made me roll my eyes, though. A soul-eating scavenger? OK, the idea's fine, but once you know that the scientific name of the spotted hyena is Crocuta crocuta the charm kinda wears off.

Then again, I suspect few people happen to know off the top of their heads that crocuta is the scientific name of the hyena...

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