Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Some of my personal tastes and predilections are probably well known to anyone who's read more than a post or two of my blog, so here's another rather predictable post. About art.

I've been on a hunt for some time now to get as much cool fantasy art in digital format as I can. The best way to do this is to raid the online galleries of fantasy artists, I've found, and here's two of my favorite pictures. The first is the cover to H.E.X.—a roleplaying game set in a Pellucidar-like hollow earth. This won an ENnies Award for best cover art in 2007, by the way. Very much deserved. The artist is Stephen Daniele.

The next is by Daryl Mandryk, who did a bunch of concept art for Turok, so he knows a thing or two about guys shooting dinosaurs. This one is unrelated to Turok, though—as near as I can tell—it's just a really cool image.

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